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How to find good Las Vegas general contractors? 

We've all had to search online for some kind of service but when looking for general contractors in Las Vegas we should focus a little bit more. In most cases when hiring Las Vegas general contractors it's likely we are about to get into a huge project so look out. 

So now that we've gone to the search results for Las Vegas general contractors what are we seeing. In most cases you'll see the ads at the top of the Google search results and in most cases there could be three to four general contractors in Las Vegas that are paying for those ads. Right below that you'll see the Google maps results where there's usually three companies but in some cases there could be a fourth general contrator that pays to be seen under the Google maps with key words like Las Vegas general contractor or Las Vegas general contractors. We do need to understand that even though Google maps will show you near by general contractors however when you see ads that is not always the case. 

After we understand the search results we see fot general contractors in Las Vegas we need to understand how to weed out the good general contractors to the ones we might not wish to use. It's always good to read the reviews. In fact the ratings are good to notice but notice if the review actually had anything to do with the general contractors performance. What this means is that if the reviewer had a problem with the dispatcher not being overwhelmingly nice well I wouldn't care, but what I would care about is how did the total project come out once the general contractor was done. Another thing I don't care about is when a customer makes changes along the way and they have a problem with the price changing. The general contractor does not read minds and cannot change what you're doing to creat additional expences. 

​Besides searching on Google is there any other search engine I might want use when searching for a general contractor in Las Vegas? Yes, there's many directories you could use to search for a local Las Vegas general contractor like Yelp. That being said you should also understand what your looking at when looking at the results. The results I see when I searched for general contractors in Las Vegas on Yelp was with ads at the top but what was unusual is that it has 10 ads before the organic search results. This means that if I came to that search directory looking for there top rated general contractor in Las Vegas I would personally avoid the ads, but that's just me and my opinion. 

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