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Our track record is as impressive as you've heard.

We at Fidelity Solar Energy Of Boca Raton have one rule that we preach to everyone of our staff members, and that rule is that every solar energy client of ours must be treated as if they're a family member who is asking for help. This could explain why we get more referral business than any other way ''In fact over 80% of our solar energy business in Boca Raton is referred''. 

Every solar energy panel job in Boca Raton can be different, and each has its unique challenges. The collective experience of our solar energy pros is so broad that they're equipped to handle any challenge that could possibly pop-up on any jobsite.

So whether you have us install a solar energy system on an entire shopping mall from scratch or need a small power up job on your home, we bring the best practices and industry knowledge with us to every jobsite. Our customers successful projects is the reason we are one of the fastest growing solar energy company in Boca Raton Florida. And basically what that means is when we achieve your goal success we achieved our business success.

Industry-best Quality

We never cut corners on a job, and we never will. Our solar energy professionals are here for the long haul for you and all your needs.

The Fidelity Solar Energy Of Boca Raton Advantage. 

Experience; Don’t be fooled by our youthful looks, we’ve been at this solar energy business for a long time. In fact some of our staff and board members have worked for years around the country in multiple solar energy positions just so they could learn and understand every aspect of this amazing business. This does explains why other companies are now coming to our facilities for technical training and assistance. 

Technology; We stay at the forefront of our industry. We do this by applying our initial company objectives, and this is done by helping and aiding all our employees and staff get the access needed right from the fabrication facilities as well as hire manufacturer techs to explain how the product needs to be recommended and represented. 

Company Culture; It almost never fails that someone asks us how is it that our staff is so happy. This is not something we take lightly as our company was put together with the idea that an order to have happy customers we must first start with happy employees. Fidelity Solar Energy has taken great steps to keep our employees happy, these things include things like no working over 45 hours a week, 30 days off in addition to sick days every year, consistent pay raises for anyone with the company for over 18 months.

Company Mission: Fidelity Solar Energy of Boca Raton was built with the understanding that in order to build a company that will last into the next century we must do things right from the beginning. Our company will not hire workers that are not happy with what they're doing. We also refuse to sell any product that we wouldn't install on our own homes. And any product that we do sell must have a warranty that we could be proud of.

Friendly staff 

Our professional staff arrive on the job with a smile on their face and spring in their step knowing we are about to make another customer happy.

Accurate Estimates

At Fidelity Solar Energy Of Boca Raton we don't give you a price only to change it. We are pros that know what needs to be done long before you'll see an agreement to get that new solar energy panel system. 

Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess your solar energy needs without all the guess work. Remember we didn't invent solar energy, we're just here to make it better.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Expert Work

Every solar energy project  we do is done right from the beginning with no guess work. 

Simply put we do our homework on and beyond expectations. 

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