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Looking for a window blinds company in Las Vegas? 

The first thing we need to understand is what are we seeing when searching for a blinds Las Vegas service providing business. In most cases when we are searching for a Las Vegas window blinds company we go to Google and search blinds Las Vegas or maybe window blinds Las Vegas, either way we get results that we need to understand before hiring that Las Vegas blinds company. In most cases you'll see three results right at the top of the search and it might even be noticeable that these blinds Las Vegas companies are just ads but notice that the next two listings could also be ads for window blinds in Las Vegas. It's only once you see the results on Google Maps that we have left the ads, or maybe we didn't as sometimes we even have a window blinds company there too. So why do we point this out, well there's always a chance when a company is advertised above Google maps that it's not a locally owned business in fact they could be selling leads to other Las Vegas blinds companies. Now don't get it wrong there is local Las Vegas window blinds companies that could be paying for Google ads and clicks just know that maybe you should look in to it a little bit deeper. 

How many window blinds companies should I call for an estimate?

This is a good question but as a rule I always call three companies to get me an estimate. I personally would make sure that the blinds Las Vegas company I call offers a free estimate before setting up any appointment with them. Most Las Vegas blinds companies do offer a free estimate so that shouldn't be an issue but just make sure. 

What kind of warranty should my window blinds come with?

In most cases we see Las Vegas window blinds companies offering a one year warranty on products and labor, but in places like Las Vegas I would make sure to hire a company that offers a five year warranty as the heat could become an issue. Window blinds in Las Vegas can take a punishment like no other so make sure to hire a Las Vegas blinds company that is locally owned and has a track record of standing behind their warranty. 

As far as a blind company in Las Vegas we found SunOff Blinds does offer window blinds with a five year warranty on parts and labor. 

How long should it take for my window blinds to be installled? 

​At this time it seems that shipments are a little slow in the market of window blinds. This means that if you orders window blinds in Las Vegas these day you should expect 8 to 12 weeks of wait time before arrival. 

What materials are window blinds made of?

Window Blinds are made of a variety of materials. some can be more than others. The less expensive window blinds in most cases are made with polyester, PVC and aluminum.

Those are materials that are easily accessible and are very durable simultaneously.

​In Las Vegas most Las Vegas blinds seem to be Faux Wood Blinds. These blinds do very well with the dry heat and can come in various colors and designs. For more window blinds in las Vegas see the link we posted here. 

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